Donald Trump Targets Politico In Latest Fit About The Press

The real estate mogul once again shows off his diplomatic side.

Politico seems to be the latest addition to Donald Trump's list of media enemies -- as if his feuds with Fox News, The Des Moines Register, a New York Times reporter and an Associated Press photographer haven't kept him busy enough.

The businessman and Republican presidential candidate launched a broadside against the publication on Thursday via Twitter, claiming that Politico is "dishonest," "losing lots of money" and "not read or respected by many."

Politico responded to Trump's attack by tweeting an article it had published earlier that day -- "Trump momentum shows signs of stalling" -- and asking, "Is this the story you're upset about?"

Things escalated when Edward-Isaac Dovere, Politico's senior White House reporter, chimed in, having spotted an opportunity to ding Fox News: