Post-Debate, Donald Trump Focuses His Ire On Fox News Hosts And Voters

Donald Trump took to Twitter overnight to share some thoughts about the first GOP debate of the 2016 election, and as you can imagine, they were full of his usual mean-spirited bluster.

The latest targets: political consultant Frank Luntz, the voters who watched the debate and didn't like his performance and the Fox News hosts who served as debate moderators.

Luntz, CEO of public relations firm Luntz Global, appeared on Fox News after the debate and revealed the opinions of a focus group of Republican voters, the majority of whom expressed their dissatisfaction with Trump:

In response, the real estate mogul and presidential candidate blasted Luntz and the voters on the panel:

Trump also had nothing positive to say about the debate moderators: Megyn Kelly, Brett Baier and Chris Wallace.

Trump has a reputation for being brash and insulting. In the past, he's verbally attacked immigrants, women, the sitting president, Sen. John McCain and basically anyone who disagrees with him. His social media presence only serves to boost this image of political incorrectness.

The question now is... Do the voters want him to be the voice of America to the rest of the world?

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