Doug's Dozen: 12 Campaign Slogans for Donald Trump

You have to love the nerve of a casino owner -- who's declared bankruptcy four times -- running for president on his business acumen. Whether it's encouraging birther crazies, bragging about his money, or claiming "the blacks" love him, it's clear Donald Trump will do anything to be president. Except actually quit that lucrative TV gig that starts up again in May. But, just in case he lets go of his day job, here's ...

Doug's Dozen: 12 Campaign Slogans For Donald Trump

1. You Have Nothing To Fear But "You're Fired!" Itself

2. Certificate First!

3. Ask Not What I Can Do For Your Country, Ask What You Can Do For Me

4. Compassionate Conspiracy-Nut

5. Building A Bridge To Atlantic City

6. Chapter 11 Or Fight!

7. Yes, You're Canned!

8. In Your Heart, You Know He's Rich

9. Balder Oaf Than He Was Four Years Ago

10. Change "The Blacks" Can Believe In

11. "Kinder, Gentler" My Ass, Gimme Your Oil!

12. Don't...Start...Thinking About Toupees Now

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