Protesters Across The Country Rage Against Donald Trump's Win

Many protesters shouted, "F**k Donald Trump!"

Protesters across the U.S. took to the streets early Wednesday to express their opposition to President-elect Donald Trump. Trump was declared the winner of the election shortly after midnight.

In Los Angeles and San Diego, hordes of students marched in the streets, yelling “fuck Donald Trump!” and “not my president!” There didn’t appear to be a major police presence and there were no immediate reports of violence.

Clinton won California and its 55 electoral votes by a large margin.

The demonstration at the University of California, San Diego appeared to be the state’s largest, with campus police estimating around 500 people marching.

Meanwhile, demonstrations in Oakland took a dramatic turn after some protesters reportedly set the street on fire and broke car windows. According to KTVU, around 100 people were seen marching in the Northern California city.

In Washington, D.C., anti-Trump protests rallied outside the White House. Clinton claimed victory in the nation’s capital late Tuesday.

In New York, protesters clashed with Trump supporters outside the Hilton Hotel where the real estate mogul was holding his victory party.

Clinton, a former New York senator, easily won the state she now calls home.

Similar demonstrations were held in Seattle and Portland. Washington and Oregon also went blue.