Florida Woman Donates Her Pubic Hair To Donald Trump

“I felt better after I mailed the letter. I felt relieved.”

A woman in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has Donald Trump by the short hairs now.

Her own.

Emily Robinson heard Trump’s now-infamous “grab her by the pussy” comments around the same time her house received a mailer from the Republican presidential nominee’s campaign asking for donations. She decided to comply.

But instead of sending cash, Robinson sent Trump a message ― clippings of her own pubic hairs.

Along with the hair, Robinson sent a note:

“Dear Mr. Trump, I’m not able to mail you my actual pussy, so I’ve included the next best thing. Cheers, Emily.”

The Huffington Post reached out to the Trump campaign to see if anyone might have noticed Robinson’s note and attachment. We haven’t heard back.

Robinson didn’t mince words about how she feels about Trump.

“Donald Trump is a disgusting pig of a person and represents everything that females hate about existing in life as a woman, she told Us Weekly. “I felt better after I mailed the letter. I felt relieved.”

It’s possible some people might find Robinson’s protest offensive. Robinson, however, asked critics to get their priorities straight.

“If sexual assault doesn’t offend them, but they think my pubes are disgusting, then they really need to rethink what is gross in this world,” she said.

Robinson has made other comments on her Facebook page about Trump’s “Access Hollywood” recording that add perspective.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularlyincitespolitical violence and is a

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