Kamala Harris Hilariously Compares Trump To 'A Puffy Fish'

The Democratic presidential candidate was describing the way the president blusters about the National Rifle Association.

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris has a slightly bizarre but surprisingly apt description of President Donald Trump: A “puffy fish.”

The California senator used the marine metaphor Friday during a speech at the Democratic National Committee’s meeting in San Francisco to describe how the president deals with the National Rifle Association and its chief executive, Wayne LaPierre.

“When he coddles the NRA, you know he blusters a lot ― it reminds me of a puffy fish,” she said. “He’s just always blustering, right? Then he gets a few calls from Wayne LaPierre and, all of a sudden, nothing of what we need to have in terms of smart gun safety laws in this country.” 

It might be strange to think of the president as a fish, but the connection becomes more obvious when Trump’s face is placed next to a photo of a blowfish.

Twitter users took Harris’ bait.

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