Rand Paul Slams Donald Trump For Refusing To Rule Out An Independent Presidential Run

It was a battle from the start.

Reality television star Donald Trump wouldn't pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee during Thursday night's Republican debate in Cleveland -- unless it's him.

Trump was the only one of the 10 candidates on the stage who raised his hand when the presidential hopefuls were asked if any wouldn't support the eventual Republican nominee.

Trump said he wouldn't rule out running as an independent if he doesn't win the Republican nomination as president.

That comment drew an immediate reaction from Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who didn't wait to speak his turn as the main portion of the first GOP presidential debate got underway.

The Kentucky Republican interjected to note the real estate mogul's previous political donations to Democrats.

"That's the problem, he's hedging his bets," Paul said. "He's already hedging his bets on the Clintons, he's already hedging his bets because he's used to buying politicians."

Without skipping a beat, Trump shot back.

"Well, I've given him plenty of money," he said, referring to Paul.

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