Donald Trump 'Really Concerned' About Obama Birthplace (VIDEO)

WATCH: Trump 'Really Concerned' About Obama Citizenship Issue

Potential presidential candidate Donald Trump expressed doubt once again over the birthplace of President Barack Obama on "Fox & Friends" on Monday morning.

"I am really concerned," responded Trump when asked if he believes the president was born in the country. "You have no nurses -- this is the President of the United States -- that remember. ... He could have been born outside of this country. Why can't he produce a birth certificate?"

Last week, Trump found himself in a heated discussion during an appearance on "The View" over the debunked theory that the president was born outside the United States and therefore ineligible to serve. During a recent appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America" he said, "The reason I have a little doubt, just a little, is because he grew up and nobody knew him."

Trump said on Monday morning that he gets "a kick out of" Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie suggesting he can verify Obama was born in the Aloha State.

"The Governor of Hawaii says, 'I remember when he was born 50 years ago,'" Trump explained. "I doubt it. I think this guy should be investigated. I doubt it. He remembers when Obama was born? Give me a break! He's just trying to do something for his party."

Abercrombie, a Democrat, spoke out against the "birther" movement last December during an appearance on CNN. "You're not going to convince those people because they have a political agenda or they have minds that go in that kind of direction," he said. "Conspiratorial theorists are never going to be satisfied. This has gone into another area of political attack."


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