16 Reasons Donald Trump Is Definitely Not 'Really Good For Women'

Here's a quick run-down of the Donald's anti-lady past.
Donald Trump, great for women. (JK)
Donald Trump, great for women. (JK)
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During his Super Tuesday speech, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump attempted to convince female voters that a Trump presidency would be a win for them.

"I'm going to be really good for women," he said. "I'm going to be good for women's health issues."

Here are 16 comments and political promises made by Trump that are anything but "really good for women":

1. A man who defends referring to women as "fat pigs," "dogs," "slobs" and disgusting animals," is not really good for women.

2. Calling breastfeeding women "disgusting" is not really good for women.

3. Opposing abortion with very few exceptions is not really good for women. "My statement on that happens to be, you know, if the mother will die," Trump said on Meet The Press to Chuck Todd in August, discussing his views on abortion. "And you're going to know that. And the problem with the life: If you say life, what does life mean? You have a cold and you're going to end up having an abortion."

4. Saying that Roe v. Wade has contributed to "a culture of death" is not really good for women.

5. Threatening to defund Planned Parenthood because they provide abortion care is not really good for women. "I would defund it because of the abortion factor, which they say is 3 percent -- I don't know what percentage it is, but I would defund it because I'm pro-life," said Trump during the Feb. 25 Republican debate.

6. Waiting to denounce the KKK and his white supremacist supporters isn't really good for women. (A reminder to Trump et. al.: "American women" doesn't only mean "rich, white, right-wing American women.")

7. Treating female reporters with disrespect, calling them "lightweights" and "bimbos" is not really good for women.

8. Implying that military sexual assault is a natural byproduct of having men and women in the same place is not really good for women. Just gonna leave this tweet right here...

9. Publicly rating women based on their appearances is not really good for women. In 2005, Trump ranked the cast of "Desperate Housewives" by how attractive he thought they were on "Howard Stern." "Would you go out with Marcia Cross or would you turn gay, Howard?," Trump asked. Charming.

10. Calling a woman who goes to the bathroom "disgusting" is not really good for women. "I know where she went, it's disgusting," said Trump in December, referring to Hillary Clinton's late return to the debate stage after a bathroom break.

11. Using unnecessarily sexual language to express that a woman lost a presidential run is not really good for women. "She got schlonged," Trump said of Clinton's 2008 defeat.

12. Inciting his supporters to physically and verbally assault a young black female protester at a Trump rally is not really good for women.

13. Limiting access to health care by repealing the Affordable Care Act is not really good for women. It's unclear what Trump would replace the ACA with, but in July he said he would, "replace [it] with something terrific." Hmm....

14. Threatening to ban Muslims, an entire religious group -- some of whom are women, obviously -- from traveling to the U.S. is not really good for women. Or HUMANITY.

15. A man who believes that women belong at home, supporting their husbands' ambitions without complaint is not really good for women. "For a man to be successful he needs support at home, just like my father had from my mother, not someone who is always griping and bitching," wrote Trump in The Art of the Comeback. "When a man has to endure a woman who is not supportive and complains constantly about his not being home enough or not being attentive enough, he will not be very successful unless he is able to cut the cord."

16. Getting rid of the gun-free zones in schools is not really good for women. Trump has promised to do this on his first day in office.

If there's one thing we don't need in the White House, it's a (wildly dangerous, unpredictable) Sexist-In-Chief.

Editor's note: Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist, birther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims -- 1.6 billion members of an entire religion -- from entering the U.S.

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