Donald Trump's Red Plastic Cups Are Ready For Your Next House Party

"Chillary Clinton" koozies can keep your beer cold, too.

For Donald Trump, campaign buttons and yard signage just don't cut it (though, worry not, he's monetizing those, too). The 2016 Republican presidential hopeful is getting into crucial housewares, selling "campaign party cups" in his online store. The 16-ounce vessels closely resemble Solo cups, the plastic classics that college kids around the country use for drinking games like beer pong and flip cup. One can't help but to think a fratty demographic may be the product's main target.

While any house party host can pick up a 50-pack of Solo cups at Walmart for less than $8, a three-pack of Trump's slogan-stamped cups cost $3.

According to the product page, Trump's cups are "proudly made in USA," presumably in line with the candidate's promise to "make America great again!"

For supportive sippers who prefer drinking straight from the can, Trump is also selling American-made koozies to keep beverages cool while screaming his name. A 6-pack of these goes for $20.

Trump is not the only 2016 hopeful making the most of the Foodie Generation, offering culinary accessories with which supporters can decorate their kitchens or guzzle beer. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has "Chillary" koozies available on her campaign site, as well as cookie cutters, pint glasses, coffee mugs and the "Grillary Clinton Spatula."

GOP candidate Jeb Bush, too, has turned to the kitchen to earn support. His $75 guacamole bowl -- er, "Guaca Bowle" -- looks like it will last for years to come, no matter who wins this race.

H/T Vice

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