Donald Trump Shares Shirtless Snap Of Himself As Rocky Balboa, Gets KO'd On Twitter

“This is all wrong. Rocky defeated Russia, while Trump continues to hand them victories,” one person fired back at the president.

Twitter users had some knockout reactions after President Donald Trump shared an edited photo of himself as the fictional boxer Rocky Balboa on Wednesday.

Trump tweeted this image of his head on actor Sylvester Stallone’s body.

Stallone played Balboa in the “Rocky” franchise. The image stemmed from a promo poster for the third installment of the series, released in 1982.

It’s unclear who created the image and Trump did not caption the snap. Stallone has not responded to the image.

Jon Sopel, the BBC’s North America editor, compared Trump’s pre-Thanksgiving post with a family picture shared by former President Barack Obama and his family:

“It’s fun to pretend,” “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill captioned his mocking tweet:

Other tweeters dinged Trump over his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Some also imagined Trump in the ring with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.):

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