Donald Trump's Idea For Sahara Desert Border Wall Gets Demolished

He reportedly suggested Spain build a barrier across the Sahara desert to curb migration into Europe.

President Donald Trump has been taken to task on Twitter for reportedly suggesting that Spain should build a wall across the Sahara desert in Africa to curb migration into Europe.

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said at a lunch this week that Trump proposed the wall idea during a meeting earlier this year, according to The Guardian and multiple Spanish news outlets.

When Spanish officials told Trump the desert was 3,000 miles wide, Borrell said he replied: “The Sahara border can’t be bigger than our border with Mexico.”

The U.S.-Mexico border is approximately 2,000 miles wide.

Spain also has no border with the Sahara, meaning it would have to build the barrier on foreign land.

Trump’s idea lit up Twitter, where many people pointed out its flaws: