Donald Trump Thinks 'San Francisco' Is Playing In The NBA Finals

“You have San Francisco playing the game tonight!"

Donald Trump’s knowledge of hot-button political matters has been questioned time and time again as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee booms and boasts his way toward November’s general election. Just yesterday, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton chastised Trump for his seemingly willful ignorance on issues of national importance, censuring him for using his platform to spread ill-informed, idle and fear-mongering threats.

But his supporters have been stalwart, sticking by Trump despite his oft-radical rhetoric -- and in spite of his series of missteps on the campaign trail. But speaking to a crowd in San Jose, California, on Thursday night -- just about 35 miles from Oracle Arena -- Trump made one specific gaff that hit very close to home for the Golden State crowd.

He referred to the Warriors as a team from San Francisco.

I said to my people, ‘What the hell are you doing? Who’s gonna come tonight?’ You have San Francisco playing the game tonight! And look at this crowd. This is unbelievable.”

Of course, by “the game” he meant the opening contest of the NBA Finals. And by “San Francisco” he meant the Golden State Warriors, who actually play in Oakland. Big difference -- just ask anyone from the northern half of the state.

On the scale of presidential importance, knowing the names of the leading NBA teams ranks very, very low. But considering the sky-high popularity of Stephen Curry and the Warriors these past two years, such a blunder speaks to the empty blustering that has characterized his campaign.

Game 2 is on Sunday. “San Francisco” leads the series, 1-0.



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