Conservative Pundit S.E. Cupp Says Trump Just Ruined His Own Denial On The Ukraine Scandal

The president "explicitly" linked military aid to the country with his request for an investigation of Joe Biden's son, the commentator said on CNN.

Although much more information is needed about Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal, he’s pretty much ruined any chance of denying it.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the president reportedly pressured the Ukrainian president on a July phone call to help him win reelection by launching an investigation of the son of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump then allegedly held up $250 million in security aid in the following weeks in order to get what he wanted.

During a panel discussion Monday afternoon on Jake Tapper’s show, CNN conservative pundit S.E. Cupp pointed out that “Trump explicitly tied withholding the aid to the investigation” of Joe Biden’s family.

Cupp noted that “[the president] explicitly told reporters Monday at the U.N., “Why would you give money to a foreign country if you thought it would be corrupt?”

A short time later, the president insisted that he “didn’t do it,” according to The New York Times, despite the fact that he appeared to refute his own denial moments earlier.

Cupp admitted it’s too soon to say whether the brewing scandal will hurt Trump.

“He tied it together,” Cupp conceded. “It’s hard to follow, which is why in some ways this is the perfect story for Donald Trump. It’s complicated, there are moving parts, some of this happened years ago under a different administration.

“The only part he cares that you heard is ‘Joe Biden and his son are corrupt.’ It doesn’t have to be true. He doesn’t have to prove it. He doesn’t have to provide evidence. All he cares about is sowing those seeds of distrust and doubt in the American electorate months before an election.”

You can see the whole panel discussion in the video below:

(H/T: RawStory)

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