Seth Meyers Explores The Times 'Baby' Donald Trump Has 'Lied His Ass Off'

Including the Carrier jobs deal.

Seth Meyers dug deep into Donald Trump’s Carrier jobs deal on Thursday.

And the “Late Night” host found that the president-elect’s claims following the deal to stop Carrier Corporation from closing its factory in Indianapolis and shifting production to Mexico don’t exactly tally with reality.

“So Trump first claimed he would stop Carrier from moving jobs to Mexico, then claimed he was saving over 1,100 jobs and then it turned out he was saving only 730 which The Washington Post reports is just 37 percent of the total who were due to leave the state,” Meyers said.

The comedian admitted the news would have been a “great relief” for the families of those 730, but he added it was just another example of Trump lying his ass off ― before going on to play clips of just some of those times.

Listen carefully, and you may be able to hear Trump’s “solid gold ass” hitting the floor.

Check out Meyers’ full analysis in the clip above.

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