Yes, This Is A Photo Of Donald Trump Signing A Woman's Chest

How are we supposed to take this man seriously?

Donald Trump is gunning for the GOP presidential nomination, and there's nothing we can do about it. But somewhere along the way, he decided that the potential POTUS title wasn't enough. No, he had to be bigger than that. HUUUGE. Huge enough that he could act like a some sort of sleazy rockstar (not the cool, brooding type) at public events and still, somehow, stay in the running to become our country's next leader. 

Need proof?

Behold: a photo of Trump autographing a woman's chest at a campaign rally on Wednesday like he's some sort of Stacee Jaxx character. We're not sure what's worse: The fact that he's using a permanent marker to sign her skin, or the fact that she seems to be enjoying it so much (but hey, to each her own, we guess?). 

Let us not forget that Trump isn't the first Republican with White House aspirations to put on such a show. Back in 2009, Sarah Palin (you remember her!) did the exact. Same. Thing

Is this real life?  


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