Donald Trump Learns How To Take A Joke In 'SNL' Opening Monologue

With middling results.

Donald, Donald, Donald. 

In the highly anticipated opening monologue of his "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig, the GOP presidential hopeful tried to prove that he can take a joke. For many, the biggest joke was that Trump was hosting at all, but we'll get to that later. 

He opened the show by claiming he was a "nice guy" who held no grudges by welcoming who he thought was Rosie O'Donnell -- a frequent sparring partner -- onstage. Trump showed that he was willing to laugh at his much-maligned accusations of misogyny when he apparently failed to realize "O'Donnell" was actually "SNL" cast member Aidy Bryant. 

The former "Apprentice" host was then flanked by the series' go-to Trump impersonators, Taran Killam and Darryl Hammond, who both do a better Donald than The Donald himself. 

Mocking Trump's self-congratulatory nature, Killam exclaimed that "show just got better by about 2 billion percent." Hammond followed with a "you're fired" joke. Trump played along and remarked that his impersonators "don't have [his] talent, [his] money or especially [his] good looks," but "they're not bad."

The monologue's saving grace came from an unlikely source -- Larry David. The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star interrupted the show and yelled, "Trump's a racist!" It's not clear if Trump was in on the gag, but David aimed to collect the $5,000 promised by a Latino advocacy group to anyone who called Trump a racist during his monologue.

David made another surprise appearance in the broadcast as Bernie Sanders in a skit poking fun at Friday's South Carolina Democratic Forum. The most memorable moment was David as Sanders asking, "What the hell is this tonight?"

Amen, Larry. 

Trump's "SNL" stint delivered the biggest overnight ratings for the show since 2012, according to Entertainment Weekly.

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