Donald Trump Labels Ben Carson A 'Total Loser' In 'SNL' Promos


The world has been patiently waiting for Donald Trump's "Saturday Night Live" episode. Will he have a sense of humor about himself? How many shots will he take at his opponents? What level of obnoxiousness can we expect? 

Well, these promos for the episode, which features musical guest Sia and airs on Saturday, have answered one of those questions. 

In the first of seven TV spots, Trump immediately makes a crack at GOP contender Ben Carson. 

Cast member Cecily Strong, who must have drawn the short end of the "SNL" stick, tells the Donald that he can only speak for four seconds due to the FCC's equal airtime regulations. 

In response, Trump has only this to say: "Ben Carson is a complete and total loser!"

In another promo, Strong exclaims that Trump has asked her to be his running mate. Jay Pharoah then jumps in frame to tell her that Trump told him the same thing. 

Trump's response? "I'm just shopping around."

If you're wondering how Trump's hosting gig will play out, check out this compilation of "SNL" clips from his past.

Spoiler alert: he talks about himself a lot and brags about how much money he has. 

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