Donald Trump's 'Disgusting' Soccer Red Card Warning To The Media Sets Twitter Alight

"Trump’s treatment of the press is most damaging as cover for others across the world where football is also king."

Donald Trump’s Oval Office exchange with FIFA President Gianni Infantino became a trending topic on Twitter Tuesday ― for all of the wrong reasons.

During the meeting to discuss the U.S. hosting of the 2026 FIFA World Cup alongside Canada and Mexico, Trump appeared to show a red card to journalists, underestimated the popularity of soccer and reignited the football-naming debate.

Infantino gifted Trump with his own red card and explained it was used by soccer referees “when you want to kick out someone.”

Trump immediately flashed the card at members of the media. USSF President Carlos Cordeiro pointed at the card and said, “next media session.” The encounter prompted much reaction online:

Trump also caught heat for appearing to understate soccer’s popularity, which he claimed was “one of the fastest-growing” sports in the world. (It is still growing, but is also the most popular by a long way, per Nielsen).

Trump’s suggestion that we should rename soccer to football or vice versa also sowed confusion online:

Of course, the meeting sparked a myriad of other amusing replies as well: