Stephen Colbert Blames Donald Trump's Daddy Issues For Inspiring His Presidential Run

"You're a bigly loser."

Stephen Colbert took a comic book-style look at what may have inspired Donald Trump to run for president on Tuesday.

And according to the “Late Show” host, it’s all because the President-elect’s father once told him off for not winning a baseball game.

The animated clip, which was broadcast well before the election was called in Trump’s favor, begins at the 2011 White House Correspondent’s Dinner — when President Barack Obama ripped Trump over his birther conspiracy.

It then flashes back to his childhood, with his father calling him a “bigly loser” for his sporting failure. 

With Trump determined to have his revenge on everyone who’s ever doubted him, the animation then cuts back to 2016 and him announcing his presidential bid on a ticket of “no more Mexicans, no more Muslims, no more losers.”

The rest, as they say, is now history. 

Check it out in the clip above.