Donald Trump Predictably Makes The Donald Sterling Saga Worse

Leave it to Donald Trump to defend the alleged racist comments made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in any way possible.

In an audio obtained by TMZ, Sterling was heard telling his girlfriend during an argument not to bring black people to his games and not to be photographed with black people. Sterling can be heard yelling about Magic Johnson in particular and telling his girlfriend, who is black and Mexican, that he doesn't want her "associating with black people."

But Trump said on "Fox & Friends" Monday that the girlfriend, not Sterling, was the problem.

He called the woman, who has been identified as V. Stiviano, the "girlfriend from hell."

"It's terrible, he got set up by a very bad girlfriend," Trump said. "She was baiting him and she's a terrible human being."

Trump said that after reading the transcript of Sterling's argument, he could tell that "[the girlfriend] led him along" and was "baiting him" to say those things, seeming to ignore Sterlings long history of racism.

Watch the video to see the clip from "Fox & Friends."

(h/t: Raw Story)

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