Donald Trump Gives Steve Bannon Insulting New Nickname, Sends Tweeters Into Meltdown

"I don’t think Mike Pence is allowed to perform a Sloppy Steve unless Mother is present."

President Donald Trump’s feud with ex-chief strategist Steve Bannon escalated late Thursday when the president bestowed a disparaging nickname upon his former staffer.

Trump heightened his fierce criticism of Bannon for derogatory remarks about the administration reported in Michael Wolff’s new book Fire and Fury, by calling him “Sloppy Steve” via Twitter:

The presidential insult predictably sent people on Twitter into overdrive as the term “Sloppy Steve” trended around the world.

Some chided Trump for childish name-calling, while others compared the smear with other offensive nicknames Trump has dished out to political enemies.

A sampling of the responses are below:

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