This App Sends Alerts When Donald Trump Tweets About Stocks You Own

Introducing the "Trump trigger."

As much as it pains us to say this, Donald Trump’s tweets have global impact.

And when the president-elect tweets about public companies ― companies you may well have stock in ― a finance app called Trigger wants to tell you about it. 

Trigger app notifications on an iPhone.
Trigger app notifications on an iPhone.

Trigger lets users set up, well, “triggers” that alert them when a stock reaches a low or high or moves a certain percentage. The latest Trigger offering is aptly called a “Trump trigger.” 

As Trigger told Yahoo, the notification “gives you the ability to trade stocks based off of Trump’s tweets about public companies.” It’ll immediately tell you when Trump tweets about a publicly traded stock you own.

Trump has tweeted about all sorts of companies ― from Amazon to General Motors to Macy’s. After he tweeted a threat to cancel the order for Boeing’s Air Force One jet because of the cost, the company’s stock fell almost 2 percent. (Boeing later said its contract with the Air Force was only $170 million.) 

The need for an app like Trigger has never been more clear.

To download it yourself, snag the app on your phone or scope out Trigger’s website.



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