Donald Trump: Stop Tweeting -- You Could Get Hacked & Put Us All In Danger

Donald Trump, has a responsibility to the American people to stop his reckless tweeting. He could easily be hacked and his tweets could set off a stock market crash, inflame terrorists or at worse, set off a nuclear strike.

Donald Trump, is literally playing with fire with his fingertips every day and night. The entire global population now knows that he loves to take to Twitter to slam anyone and anything that comes to mind -- Arnold Schwarzenegger who took over Celebrity Apprentice, Hillary Clinton, North Korea, Boeing, NBC, the GOP, Vanity Fair magazine and the GOP-led House of Representatives.

But, as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says, "America can't afford a Twitter-presidency." We need serious, specific policies -- like how about his replacement for Obamacare? -- not 140 character messages, many of them mixed.

Trump already ruined Christmas for many Americans who freaked when he tweeted about nuclear arms, of all things, on Dec. 22. "The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes," he declared. Then, he followed this up with an interview the next morning with MSNBC's Morning Joe host Mike Brzezinski, in which he boasted: "Let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all!"

That's what America needs like a hole in the head right now- a nuclear arms race... set off by a tweet.

But, what's even more terrifying than Trump deliberately setting off a new nuclear arms race through Twitter, is having his Twitter hacked and having his hacker set off a war. Twitter is NOT that hard to hack. Trump's account was already hacked in 2013 and let's just recall how many celebrities have been the victims of hackers -- Kylie Jenner, Drake, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Lady GaGa, Khloe Kardashian and Taylor Swift.

You can imagine that there's a multitude of hackers out there just itching to get into the President Elect's account and they might not just be trying to mock or embarrass him. Apparently, Twitter has no special security features for public figures, Buzzfeed reports. "They get a two-factor authentication like everyone else," Laura Olin, who oversaw President Obama's social media strategy in 2012, explained to the site.

So, now imagine how a hacker on Donald Trump's Twitter could send tsunami waves around the world. They could insult and threaten foreign leaders and countries (even more than he already has), could slam or enthuse about specific companies (and make a killing for themselves on the stock market), they could threaten individuals -- as Trump already did to college student Lauren Batchelder, 18, who received numerous death threats -- they could goad ISIS into targeting an American location, they could post a photoshopped naked picture of North Korea's Kim Jong-un and really piss him off. The possibilities are endless, depending on the hacker.

Donald Trump is charged with keeping America and Americans safe. That is his primary responsibility. But, by maintaining a wildly personal and unpredictable Twitter account that spews his opinions, fake news, potential policies, and his gripes, he exposes every American to danger.

The President Elect's Twitter account is so shocking at times, that if it is hacked, no one may even know. Everyone will just assume it is him. He needs to shut his Twitter account down now. He shouldn't be rattling stock prices on purpose, targeting individuals who displease him and governing by tweet. The president should not be doing that. But, aside from that, he is risking America's national security, because his Twitter can be hacked.

It's time, for Donald Trump, to be presidential -- stop tweeting.