Swiss TV Show Rips Into Donald Trump With A Spoof Tourism Ad

"We're not flat, like for example the Netherlands. They are so flat. Total disaster."

During the inauguration, /"}}">Donald Trump pledged to put “/"}}">America First.” But a satirical Swiss TV show hopes its /"}}">spoof tourism ad will persuade the new president to put “Switzerland Second.”

Using Trump’s own speaking style, “Deville Late Night’s” parody commercial promotes what it thinks POTUS may want to see in its country.

“We have the best women,” the voiceover says. “They’re all 10s.”

It also pokes fun at the “total disaster” of the Netherlands, for where the “Zondag Met Lubach” show produced a similar parody in January. 

Check out the full “commercial” above, and see the original Dutch version below: