Donald Trump Says He Likes Taylor Swift's Music '25 Percent' Less Now

Many conservatives are mad at the singer for endorsing a Democrat in Tennessee's Senate race.

Donald Trump says he’s less of a Taylor Swift fan than he was yesterday.

The singer got publicly political for the first time on Sunday when she declared her support for Tennessee’s Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Phil Bredesen, in an Instagram post.

In the process, she trashed the Republican contender, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (who leads in the polls).

Many conservatives, not surprisingly, reacted with outrage at Swift taking a stand that parts company with them. Also upset were white supremacists and neo-Nazis, who in the past had somehow convinced themselves that Swift was on their side.

Trump, in comments to reporters Monday afternoon, took an approach that simultaneously seems more statesman-like that most of his statements, while still sounding petty in a way only he can.

In the past, Trump has claimed to be a big fan of Swift’s, as in this tweet from nearly six years ago.

Reactions on Twitter to Trump’s declaration included skepticism that he really has had an interest in Swift’s music.

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