Donald Trump’s Vow To Rally In ‘The Biggest Stadium In Texas’ Falls 94,000 Seats Short

Twitter users mock the president for booking a modest arena instead of a large stadium for his Ted Cruz event.

Over the summer, President Donald Trump vowed to hold a “major rally” for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in “the biggest stadium in Texas we can find.”

What they eventually chose was about 94,000 seats short of the mark.

Trump’s Oct. 22 event for the senator he used to routinely mock as “Lyin’ Ted” will be held at the NRG Arena in Houston, which seats about 8,000. The Trump campaign told the Dallas News that no larger venues were available on that date.

That would presumably include Texas A&M University’s Kyle Field, home of the Aggies and the biggest stadium in Texas, with a capacity of more than 102,000.

Given the number of other large stadiums throughout in Texas, critics on Twitter were quick to mock Trump for falling so far short of the mark:

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