Donald Trump -- Ten Days That Will Shake the World

I'm painting now a new Chimera of the State with Donald Trump as a model, I decided to make sketches to it during ten days, these Ten Days That Will Shake the World...

I think, Putin looks a lot like Donald Trump... During his first years as president, Vladimir Putin has repeatedly declared that the rebuilding of the Russian state is his goal and his very highest priority -- the main slogan of Putin's presidency was "Make Russia Great Again".

Putin is an authoritarian strongman who projects a macho image. Donald Trump looks like him.
Donald Trump also repeats his campaign slogan "Make America Great Again".

The Chimera of the State (with Putin)

The painting's size is 39" x 47", it depicts a monster with the head of a man, with wings and the beak and of a crane, three snake-headed tails and four hands. The Chimera-Tsar wears a crown, Chimera's hands hold a gas pipe and a head of cabbage. The oil painting was created by me, Lena Hades, in Juny 2013.

2016-05-16-1463428212-4910971-chimeraofthestate.jpgChimera of the State by Lena Hades. Photo credit: Lena Hades.

The Chimera of the State (with Trump)

The painting's size will be 39" x 47", it will depict a monster with the head of a man and a body of ...
You will see it a bit later!
To be continued...