Donald Trump Gorges On Himself During Thanksgiving Feast

Two of the meal's dishes were named after him.

Even Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving is all about Donald Trump.

The president-elect celebrated the holiday true to form by eating two dishes named after himself. According to NBC News, the Trump family’s Thanksgiving menu featured 24 dishes, including a salad dubbed “Mr. Trump’s Wedge Salad” and a dessert called “Three-Layer Trump Chocolate Cake.”

The eponymous salad is an odd choice given Trump’s notoriously unhealthy diet. He’s spoken highly of McDonald’s and KFC, and is often photographed eating fast food. As far as vegetables go, though, a wedge salad―traditionally topped with bacon and creamy dressing― is one of the least nutritious.

The dinner was held at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida and included local favorites like Key Lime Pie in addition to traditional holiday foods (no taco bowls, though.) 

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama won Thanksgiving by serving pizza bites at the official White House dinner. Yes, pizza bites.