Donald Trump - the Biggest Bully on the Political Playground!!

You know one of the things I love about presidential elections is the sense of euphoria and pride in one's country. I consider myself to be a well-rounded person. I've travelled to 76 countries and seen some amazing things and met some truly incredible people but, I chose the U.S. as my adopted home.

Put simply, I love America. Yes Mr. Trump even Muslims can love America, believe it or not. But my point is this: Americans are gravely misunderstood the world over. But it's during a presidential election that Americans truly come in to their own.

I mean people beat their chest and exude a certain sense of nationalism only, during a presidential election. This IS a great country and I for one, am a very big fan. That is why I feel so passionate about speaking out against what I see is the damage being done to this great nation. BUT, and you all knew this was coming, Donald Trump has changed the face of patriotism and what it means to be a true American.

Words like xenophobia, racism, bigotry, intolerance and hatred are the words I would associate with Trump and his campaign. I'm shocked and alarmed that a great nation like America would ever allow someone to run for high office. Someone who clearly and now blatantly exhibits overtones of prejudice towards Hispanics, Muslims, foreigners and the LGBT community. Now, to top it all off, Mr. Trump's campaign rallies are marred by violence, protests and people who shout out abusive comments, mostly against minority groups and, are not even chastised by Mr. Trump.

One such protest was of a young Ohio man (Thomas DiMassimo) who rushed onto the stage of a Trump rally whilst the property tycoon was addressing the audience. He was later tackled by the Secret Service and taken away. In a recent media interview Thomas DiMassimo said, 'I wanted to take the podium from Mr. Trump and steal his mic'. Whatever his true intentions were Mr. Trump's immediate reaction was to suggest that DiMassimo had links to ISIS: "Then one of my people said, wow. They found his name, and it was probably ISIS or ISIS-related. Do you believe it?"

He also makes reference to a video on YouTube which shows DiMassimo at a student rally at his college in support of 'Black Lives Matter', no relation or relevance to ISIS whatsoever!! But in true fashion Mr. Trump makes reference to the doctored video (now deleted, strangely enough), which had all the hallmarks of an ISIS-style propaganda but of course, no reference to the original.

This is precisely the kind of utter, utter BS that Mr. Trump pedals in. It's the sheer unashamed bully boy, jingoistic and xenophobic crap that has played out on his speeches, time and time again and yet we see his rallies marred by violence and insightful hate!!! Your speeches Mr. Trump do not fall under the 1st Amendment as your interpretation of the video was to 'incite violence and hatred with malicious intent'. Funny how your rallies seem to attract such behavior from your followers and yet we don't see incidents like that at Hillary's or Bernie's rallies. Actually, we don't see them at Rubio's or even at Ted Cruz's rallies. I wonder why that is? Is it because their campaigns are not built on diversity, racism, bigotry, xenophobia...shall I go on?!

The Trump style of campaign and rhetoric, playing to the masses and feeding off the fear and insecurity of Americans reminds me of another political leader. Jean-Marie le Pen, the former leader of the ultra-right wing and facist French National Party is a politician who has campaigned on a right-wing, anti-immigration, xenophobic and nationalistic banner and who has gone on record saying 'the Nazi occupation was not particularly inhumane' and, 'Ebola could solve Europe's immigration problem'. No surprises then that Jean-Marie has already endorsed Donald Trump days after the ex-KKK leader urged people to support Trump's campaign for the GOP nomination and Presidency.

Donald Trump Jr retweeted about Le Pen, albeit indirectly, quoting an editor at right-wing news site Breitbart who declared: "Trump has become the international leader of the populist revolt against the elites." Yes, that's true!! He's replacing one elite for another -- his type and style of elite which doesn't include people of different races, religion or ethnic mix. Don't take my word for it, look at the amateur videos of Trump supporters at rallies kicking and punching black protestors and anyone else who disagrees with Trump.

Whatever your politics you have to see that Donald Trump is NOT a true American, come on. America was founded by those fleeing persecution. It was founded by those who wished to rid themselves of oppression and tyranny. Those who declared that 'all men are created equal'. A country which embraces people from many diverse backgrounds and religions and is tolerant. Immigration is merely another word for racism and xenophobia.

The writing is on the wall. An America under Donald Trump would turn its back on the World. It would become more isolated than ever. It's people hated and ridiculed. Countries would most probably impose sanctions on U.S. citizens as tourists or businessmen as a quid pro quo and form of retaliation against Trump and his administration. Under Trump American society would not only be gravely divided and its lines of discrimination even more starker than they are today but, it would implode. The weak will become weaker. There will be a greater divide between the have and have-nots. The LGBT community will be persecuted as laws favoring things like gay marriage would be repealed...and on it goes.

If Trump does succeed in winning the GOP nomination and ultimately the White House then I have one thing to say, 'will the last person leaving America please turn off the lights'.