Donald Trump, The Most Dangerous Salesman In The World

He is just throwing things out there.

I don’t understand why so few seem to be able to figure out Donald Trump.  He is not that complex.  He is a narcissistic, sociopathic egomaniac.  His campaign is also not that hard to understand.  The most important thing to remember is that Donald Trump is a great salesman.

Now turn the clock back and know that for the last eight years, many in the Republican party have been really really frustrated, not because of real frustrations in their lives caused by President Obama, but because of sour grapes over a lost election and a hidden agenda too unpopular to vocalize ― that is until now.  Enter the greatest salesman of our time, Donald Trump.  In his bid for the presidency, Trump realized a great sales campaign opportunity.  If he became the “voice” for those too cowardly to say what they were really thinking, he might just nail this!  For the Republican party, this was a revolution and oh, what validation!  Mr. Trump’s popularity in this crowd is not because he is an outstanding candidate for the presidency, it is because there is a “faction”, some of them don’t even realize they are part of that faction, that want their dark thoughts validated. They want a resurrection of unadulterated racism from the earlier part of the century.   I prefer to call it the “I-will-never-come-out-of- the-closet-racism, but I will vote for Donald Trump!” 

As Trump’s campaign gained momentum early on, Trump decided, “It’s working.” He began to think he was invincible and the horrific rhetoric only escalated.  It seemed the more outrageous it became, the better his numbers were.  The Kahn family outrage would mark the last straw for many and when the shameful sales pitch began to crumble, for some.

Since that time Donald Trump has scrambled to recover.  It is just so easy to see what is happening now.  Where it has become ridiculously beyond ridiculous is watching everyone trying to “understand” his new messages, especially on immigration.  All media coverage is focused on the political supporters and opponents attempting to define his new, then old, then new messages on immigration.  Let’s just clear it up right now.  HE DOES NOT HAVE A PLAN, NOR A POLICY, ON IMMIGRATION. HE NEVER HAS.  HIS ONLY PLAN IS TO BECOME PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! He doesn’t even understand immigration!  He is just throwing things out there, continuously testing the market of his gullible constituency to see what they will buy.  Donald Trump is the greatest salesman of our time.  He is also the most dangerous candidate in the history of our country to ever run for office of the president of the United States, and never have we been more vulnerable.