Trump Gets Taken To School After Botching Basic U.S. History In Latest Rant

The former president's new complaint gets an "F" for historical accuracy.

Donald Trump once again flunked history, this time getting a basic fact wrong about Thomas Jefferson.

New York City announced it was moving a statue of the Founding Father and nation’s third president out of its City Council Chamber due to his history as a slaveholder.

It’s not yet clear where the statue will go, but Trump predictably threw a fit over Jefferson ... even if he’s a little hazy on what, exactly, Jefferson did.

Trump called him “a principal writer of the Constitution of the United States.”

Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, but did not contribute to the writing of the Constitution, nor did he attend the Constitutional Convention as he was in France.

Trump has never had the firmest grasp of U.S. history, often getting key details wrong. In 2019, for example, he praised the Continental Army for taking over airports during the American Revolution.

The former president’s critics on Twitter took him to school over his latest flub:

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