Donald Trump to Star in New TV Series: Extreme Takeover (GOP Edition)

2016-02-10-1455126211-9224196-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_2.jpgPhotographer: Gage Skidmore

Today, during the Upfronts, ABC was totally up front about a new political television series that's about to hit the airwaves -- one which will provide conclusive proof that Donald Trump has totally trumped the GOP.

Called Extreme Takeover: GOP Edition, the show will star The Donald himself, and each week he'll expound on the hair raising social, cultural and economic issues that he has brilliantly usurped to lure millions of voters away from the establishment GOP and to what he likes to call, the TOP (Trump's Own Party).

Prospective titles for each episode in the series have been inspired by Trump's favorite TV shows, and they include: "Breaking Obamacare Bad", "Mexican Criminal Minds", "The Big AK47 Bang Theory", "Modern (Without Gays) Family", "Christian Homeland", "The (Non-Muslim) Americans" and "Control Every Woman Including Grace's Anatomy."

In an interview on ABC's heavyweight political talk show, Live with Kelly and Michael, Trump said: "I would like to thank all my friends at ABC for developing this show. It's going to be a humungous success because it's going to star the biggest, most beautiful, successful, smart, charismatic, rich personality in the whole of television! And note that I said 'smart', so I'm not talking about that bimbo Megyn Kelly folks, I'm talking about me! Me, me, me, me, me!"

Trump also explained the thinking behind the name of his new show: "Well, you don't need to be a brilliant brain surgeon or even Ben Carson to work that out. It's simple. I'm extremely good at getting what I want, I'm a great businessman, fantastic at engineering takeovers, and I've taken over the GOP! So hey presto, Extreme Takeover: GOP Edition it is!"

Sarah Palin, who recently endorsed Trump for President, immediately declared her support for his new show -- and in an interview with Good Morning Wasilla, she couldn't have been clearer about her thoughts on it.

She said: "I love the, you betcha fact that what I'm saying is you know, ABC's doing, I mean viewers are going to get hooked, and I said to Donald the other day, don't you love that hopey changing thing, it's going to be, trust in the Lord, I'm a rootin' tootin', and the show will go roguey, pokey, so yeah!! Did you get that?"

Extreme Takeover: GOP Edition is scheduled to start airing immediately in order to help Trump build on his national lead in the polls and secure the Republican nomination for the Presidency. And as expected, the series will be sponsored by Koch Industries, the NRA, Hobby Lobby Stores, Westboro Baptist Church and of course the Oregon Militiamen.

In late, breaking and totally related news, CNN announced that they have concluded a deal with Hillary Clinton to star in her own TV show too. And after Whitewater, Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinski, Bill, Benghazi and the personal email controversy, it'll simply be called... Survivor.