Donald Trump Tries To Scrub His Way Out Of Toilet In Jim Carrey Cartoon

The actor and artist plays bowl games with his favorite target.

Jim Carrey just flushed away any chance of making President Donald Trump’s Christmas card list.

The actor and political cartoonist issued his latest takedown this week (see it below), depicting Trump’s head in a poo-streaked toilet bowl as he tries to scrub away the alleged stains of his presidency.

“Abuse of power,” “election meddling” and “extortion & bribery” Carrey labeled some of the splattered excrement.

“What’s wrong with toilets these days? Carrey wrote in a caption that circles the bowl, mimicking Trump’s real-life rant against water-saving toilets earlier this month. “Ya have to flush ’em 15 times and no matter how hard you scrub them ... the poop sticks!”

Trump faces a Senate impeachment trial stemming from allegations that he abused his power by pressuring the Ukraine president to investigate political rival Joe Biden while withholding military aid, then stonewalled the House impeachment inquiry. The House passed two articles of impeachment last week.

Carrey wasn’t about to give Trump a holiday break.

On Dec. 18 the funnyman depicted Trump as Frankenstein’s monster. On Dec. 4 he drew him as Captain Ahab of “Moby Dick” who’s “obsessed by a white whale of earthly dominance.”