Donald Trump Is The Tom Brady Of 2016

Screw it, fans say, he's our guy.

So that happened. Donald Trump keeps saying things that should be wildly unpopular with his own supporters. But somehow, he keeps driving up his numbers among Republican loyalists. Kind of like New England Patriots fans celebrating Tom Brady as he skated past a four-game suspension on a technicality. Screw it, they say, he's our guy.

Such is the magic of Trump -- and the disdain for the president -- that a recent HuffPost poll showed GOP voters are far more likely to support Obama-backed policies if they believe (accurately) that Trump likes those policies.

As for Brady and Trump, they have something of a history. They've been photographed together, and the GOP presidential front-runner can't stop tweeting about how much he likes the Hall of Fame-bound quarterback. Listen to the HuffPost politics team explain recent events both presidential and football in this week's podcast.

Famous guys Tom Brady and Donald Trump have a moment.
Famous guys Tom Brady and Donald Trump have a moment.

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