Trevor Noah Blasts Trump Claim That Video Games Inspire Shootings

"The Daily Show" host wasn't impressed by the president's meeting with the video game industry.

President Donald Trump would have taken no joystick in Trevor Noah’s mockery of his suggestion that video games share blame for gun violence like the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The president convened a meeting of video game industry leaders on Thursday to explore the possibility, prompting “The Daily Show” host to imagine the conversation.

“Why isn’t Mario here?” says an imitation Trump, who is reminded that video game characters aren’t real.

Noah later switched on his argument in earnest:

“Here’s the thing: There have been hundreds of studies on this issue, and they have shown that there isn’t any connection between violent video games and violent activities. Now, that doesn’t mean that video games have no influence on you, because let’s be honest, everything we consume as human beings affects us somehow. Sex and the City might make you want to go to brunch, Karate Kid might have made people join the local dojo.”

The comedian reinforced his point, saying, “I’ve been playing a ton of Angry Birds, so I’ve gotta go outside and throw some pigeons at pigs.”

Watch the segment above.



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