Trevor Noah Sings Ode To Donald Trump's 'Forgotten Men'

"If you don't count most people, Donald Trump's ratings are at a record high."

Trevor Noah has been studying President Donald Trump’s popularity in the polls.

“If you don’t count most people, Donald Trump’s ratings are at a record high,” he explained Thursday on “The Daily Show.”

The reason people really like Trump is simple. He’s not trying to be the president of everybody, Noah said. Trump ran to represent one group: the forgotten men and women of America.

“That’s right,” Noah said. “Trump and his people will not forget you ― unless you’re a Russian ambassador. Then, that never happened.”

Noah then broke out his best Johnny Cash impression to sing “The Forgotten Man,” a song that explained how Trump’s efforts to deregulate the finance industry, allow coal companies to pollute rivers and streams and let internet providers sell customers’ data actually do nothing for the “forgotten people” who voted for him.



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