Donald Trump Lashes Out At 'So-Called Leaks,' And Twitter Users Pounce

As one paraphrased Trump, “the food here is awful and the portions are too small.”

You’d think logic trumps all ― except when it comes to Donald Trump.

On Monday the president took to Twitter to lash out against news leaks from White House staffers like the one reported last week regarding Kelly Sadler’s remark that the opinion of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is meaningless because “he’s dying anyway.”

Trump’s anger is clear, but the tweet was a little confusing, as Twitter users helpfully pointed out, starting with CNN anchor Jake Tapper.

Tapper wasn’t the only one who picked up on the underlying contradiction of Trump’s tweet.

Others had questions. Lots of questions.

One man pointed out the topsy-turvy message in the president’s tweet.

One person offered advice to Trump on finding who’s responsible.

Others rephrased Trump’s tweet in a way that made more sense.



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