Donald Trump Is Still Randomly Attacking People On Twitter

The tweet came out of nowhere on Friday:

Oh, Donald. There he goes again!

Every so often, we like to check in on Mr. Trump to see which news outlets and random enemies he happens to be targeting for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Well, probably the outlet or person in question pointed out some accurate fact about Trump, as New York has done in the past.

It turns out that, over the past couple of months, the presidential jokester and birthervangelist has been as active as ever in his efforts to attack people in the media completely out of context.

In Trump's world, Bryant Gumbel is Public Enemy Number One:

So is MSNBC's Touré:

Also he has a problem with Neil Patrick Harris, which we thought was all but impossible:

And Jay Leno? Don't even get the Donald started! Jay probably made a joke about his hair or something, which nobody has ever done in history:

He also took important time out of his day to personally denigrate Tina Brown:

Even CNBC, which, as a faceless entity, probably doesn't have feelings, could not escape Trump's wild wrath:



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