1 In 9 Of Donald Trump's Tweets Is A Diss

We're not the least bit surprised.

If future first lady Melania Trump is looking for somewhere to begin her campaign to end online bullying, she needn’t look far. Her husband, President-elect Donald Trump, posts an enormous amount of insults on Twitter. According to a New York Times analysis, a whopping 1 in 9 of his tweets is derisive.

Times reporters took one for the team, studying 14,000 of Trump’s most recent posts. Some of his favorite targets include Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, his fellow Republican presidential hopefuls and the media.

He often refers to people as “sad” or “biased.”

Some of Trump’s attacks are even more bizarre, aimed at the wife of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a Gold Star father and a former Miss Universe, who he claimed had a sex tape.

When he’s not dishing out disses, he’s generally tweeting positive things about himself, information about his events or rallies and misinformation:

Trump also enjoys retweeting fans, including neo-Nazis, an account that posts quotes from dictator Benito Mussolini attributed to the president-elect and a 16-year-old boy.

Check out the Times’ full analysis here for more information about Trump’s online behavior. 

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