Donald Trump's Childish 'IT WAS ME' Plea For Credit Sets Twitter On Fire

"The President tweets with tears streaming down his face and snot coming out his nose."

President Donald Trump is being ridiculed after he pleaded for credit in the release of three college basketball players detained in China.

On Wednesday morning, Trump used Twitter to tell the whole world that HE was solely responsible for securing freedom for the UCLA athletes who were arrested earlier this month on shoplifting charges.

“IT WAS ME,” Trump wrote in a series of tweets.

Trump also mocked LaVar Ball, whose son LiAngelo Ball was one of the trio and who has dismissed the president’s involvement in their release.

Ball is “just a poor man’s version of Don King” but “without the hair,” wrote Trump.

People on Twitter immediately seized on the seemingly immature nature of Trump’s posts, with many suggesting he was acting like a baby with the all-caps section of his response.

Some of the reaction included: