Donald Trump's 'Cheif Hostage Negotiator' Typo Sends Another Nonsense Word Viral

“Trump is holding the English language hostage and we should pay whatever it takes to get it back.”

Want to know why the nonsense word “cheif” is trending worldwide on Twitter?

Look no further than President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

The commander-in-chief misspelled the word “chief” as “cheif” in this bonkers roundabout boast about being the greatest hostage negotiator in the history of the U.S.

The president has previously made other nonexistent words ― such as  “hamberders” and “covfefe” ― go viral with similar typos on the social media platform.

The online editions of the Merriam-Webster and Collins dictionaries do not list the word “cheif.” The crowdsourced slang-documenting UrbanDictionary.com, however, defines it as “to smoke or inhale a drug” or “a weak person.”

Twitter users quickly offered their own takes on Trump’s hail to the cheif: