Supercut Exposes The Ugly Truth Of Donald Trump’s Rhetoric On Protests

“None of this is beautiful. End this ugly presidency," urges the montage released by a new progressive PAC.

The ugly truth of President Donald Trump’s rhetoric on the anti-racism protests is laid bare in a withering new supercut.

Footage of police using force to disperse protesters is shown alongside clips of Trump hailing the “beautiful” crackdown scenes in the montage that the new Meidas Touch political action committee released online late Thursday.

“None of this is beautiful,” reads text that appears toward the end of the video. “End this ugly presidency,” it adds.

The 47-second clip garnered more than 1.6 million views in less than 12 hours on Twitter. It also caused the #UglyPresident hashtag to trend.

The Meidas Touch PAC was founded by Ben Meiselas, the attorney who represented former NFL player Colin Kaepernick and his two brothers.

Earlier this week, the group released this video calling out Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and adviser:

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