Irish Bar Offers Reward For Return Of Stolen Trump Urinal Portrait

"The enjoyment of using the urinal without Donald's face on it has left us feeling sad."

A bar in Dublin, Ireland, is desperately seeking the return of its urinal mural of President Donald Trump.

The Adelphi made headlines across the world in August 2016 when it installed in its men’s bathroom the print of Trump when he was the Republican presidential candidate. But on Tuesday, pub bosses revealed it had been stolen.

They are now offering a €100 beer tab (around $118) to whoever brings the (presumably now completely urine-soaked) mural back.

Our bathroom is just not the same without him and the enjoyment of using the urinal without Donald’s face on it has left us feeling sad,” bar staff wrote on Facebook.

The pub’s manager, Tony McCabe, told HuffPost that the picture of the president had “made the trip to the bathroom a ‘wee’ bit more entertaining” for regulars. He suggested it was likely now hanging on somebody’s wall “along with the DNA of thousands of Irish men.”

He denied some claims on social media, however, that it was a publicity stunt.

It was really stolen, we find it hard to believe,” he told “One of our barmen recalls a guy in on Monday asking many, many questions about it so he is top of our list [of potential thieves].”

While the reason for the bizarre theft remains unclear, some Facebook users have taken the chance to speculate over motives:

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