Donald Trump On 'The View': Especially Orange? (PHOTOS, POLL)

PHOTO: Donald Trump Was Looking Especially Orange Today

Was it just us, or did Donald Trump look especially orange on Friday's edition of "The View"?

Trump had a very full morning. He kicked off the day by insisting to the Daily Beast that President Obama was born in Kenya, and then he showed up as a guest co-host on everyone's favorite female panel show.

But as the group talked about Mitt Romney and sex with your husband, we couldn't help be slightly hypnotized by Trump's face. It was just so orange — like Cheeto dust orange. We know that the "View" cameras can saturate peoples' faces, but everyone else looked as pale as British people in the dead of winter compared to the Donald.

Are we crazy? Was it just a trick of the light? Or does Donald Trump need to dial it back? Let us know in our poll below!

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