Rasping Trump Insists He’s ‘In Great Shape’ As Voice Cracks In Wild Hannity Rant

The president struggled with his voice several times throughout the Fox News interview.

President Donald Trump was hoarse throughout an extended telephone interview on Fox News with Sean Hannity on Thursday, yet insisted he was feeling great.

At one point, Trump lost his voice while accusing former Vice President Joe Biden of “choking like a dog” during their debate last week:

He also struggled with his voice while discussing absentee ballots:

Although Trump tested positive for COVID-19 on Oct. 1, he ducked a question about his testing and virus levels. Trump claimed he was in “great shape” and talked up his medication. He also said he wants to hold a campaign rally on Saturday:

At another point, Trump claimed Biden wants to tear down buildings and replace them with new buildings that have “tiny little windows, ok, little windows, so you can’t see out, you can’t see the light.”

Earlier on Thursday, Trump’s doctor issued a statement saying the president could resume “public engagements” by Saturday.

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