Meet The Donald Trump Volunteer Who Shouted, 'Muslim!' When Obama Came Up At A Rally

The Republican front-runner plays along with a New Hampshire supporter who touts the inaccurate claim about the president's faith.

CLAREMONT, N.H. -- It was Donald Trump’s rally on Wednesday night, but Daniel Ward -- a volunteer for the Republican front-runner's campaign in New Hampshire -- was set on playing a starring role himself. 

Twice when President Barack Obama came up during Trump’s remarks, Ward shouted, “Muslim!”

The second time that Ward did so, Trump, who for months led a half-baked public relations campaign to prove that the nation’s first black president was not really an American, decided to engage with his campaign's volunteer.

“Like the Iran deal,” Trump was saying. “Who would make this deal?”

“A Muslim!” Ward screamed at the top of his lungs. 

Trump laughed at the remark and then pressed the matter further. 

“What did you say?” the candidate said, feigning ignorance. “I didn’t hear it.”

“A Muslim!” Ward shouted back.

“OK, I didn’t say it,” Trump said, all but winking at the crowd. “I didn’t say it. I refuse to get in -- oh, I’m supposed to reprimand the man. Who is the man that said that? I have to reprimand him. How dare you. OK. I’ve reprimanded him. Now the press can’t be angry.”

After the event, HuffPost tracked down Ward, who agreed to be interviewed about why he had shouted that Obama, who is a Christian, is actually a Muslim.

Watch the video above to see Ward explain himself. 

Video by Ben Teitelbaum, Daniel Fox and Maria Tridas.