Donald Trump Makes Perhaps His Wildest Claim Yet About 2020 Election

Yep, the former president's still at it — and he got an enabling boost from the director of the "endlessly debunkable" film "2000 Mules."

Donald Trump juiced his ride-or-die devotion to election-fraud lies this week in a podcast chat with far-right conspiracy theorist Dinesh D’Souza.

Trump said people voted 28 times in the 2020 election to cheat him out of a second term in office. (Watch the video below.)

D’Souza directed “2,000 Mules,” the film that purports to prove vote-fraud claims but has been dismissed as “endlessly debunkable” by HuffPost and other outlets. The so-called documentary insists that Joe Biden-supporting “ballot mules” inserted armloads of votes into several drop boxes.

D’Souza, whom the former president pardoned in 2018 after D’Souza pleaded guilty in 2014 to making an illegal donation to a GOP Senate candidate, asked Trump: “It seems to me that what you’re saying is that you think that there was cheating all different ways. ‘2,000 Mules’ may have captured one of the ways, but there were other formers of cheating going on as well, correct?”

“Yeah, ‘2,000 Mules’ was one way,” Trump replied. “That was a very conclusive way because you were taking government tapes. ... And then, of course, they voted six, seven, eight times. As much as they could in the local area. Some of the people went back, I guess they said 28 times in one day, to vote at different places.”

Trump did not say where he got the figure. An executive producer of “2,000 Mules” claimed on Fox News earlier this year that the average amount of visits by said mules was 38.

Trump alleged the ballot stuffers didn’t overdo it because that would have been detectable. “They’re very smart,” Trump said.

Trump continues to promote his election lies as he teases his candidacy in the 2024 presidential election. A poll last month showed Republicans’ loyalty to him was dipping.

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