Donald Trump Votes, Rates Women Poll Workers on 1-10 Scale

NEW YORK CITY: Goodyear Satire Co.--

Republican Challenger Donald Trump cast his ballot today at P.S. 59 in Manhattan.


Asked how he voted, Trump said, "The woman who handed me the ballot was a 6, a bit too hefty for my taste, but the girl who showed me which booth to go in was a 7 plus," the candidate explained. "But I downgraded her to a three because she wouldn't get in the booth with me."

There was one embarrassing moment. Trump accidentally rated Melania a 9. "I didn't recognize her from behind," the candidate mansplained. Melania patiently asked for a write-in ballot and voted for Bernie Sanders.

Trump and his wife arrived at the polling station after two topless women had staged a mini-protest at his polling station. They chanted "Our of our polls Trump, out of our polls Trump," according to NBC New York.


Trump's late arrival may be a bad omen for his success. Based on Huffington Post polling data, America's voters are expected to rate Trump a number 2.

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Donald Trump arrives at polling station, screen grab from Live Satellite News via youtube.
Topless protest, screen grab from Media 24 via youtube.

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