Donald Trump vs. Kim Jong-un: The Long and Short of It

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un
Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un

For Donald Trump size doesn’t just matter: Size is everything in all matters. 

So, we know what he really meant with his coded size-tweet to Kim Jong-un. My thing down there is bigger than yours and unlike yours, mine works fine—you weakling.

Donald: stop teasing us-- Prove it!

In the early days of Hollywood studios, rumors swirled that swashbuckling movie star Errol Flynn was astonishingly well endowed.

One night at a Hollywood party he satisfied the curious and confirmed the whispers. Flynn whipped out his endowment and used it to play “You Are My Sunshine” on a piano keyboard.

Now this suggests a performance by our reality-show president that could finally put the size issue to rest—hopefully without a nuclear war.

On the other hand---Oh my God, what if Donald Trump could only play the tune in the key of C (mostly the white notes),

White and black piano keyboard notes
White and black piano keyboard notes

and Kim Jong-un could play it in the key of G flat major (which uses mostly the more distant black notes)?

Alarm!!! Head for the bunkers.

Bernard Starr, PhD, is a psychologist and professor emeritus at the City University of New York, Brooklyn College. His latest book isJesus, Jews, and Antisemitism in art: How Renaissance Art Erased Jesus’ Jewish Identity & How Today’s Artists Are Restoring It.

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